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Top 5 Apps to help Students Learn

How effective are your study habits? Did you know most students are active prior to lunch, then again after dinner, diving in for another round of studying? Business students are most likely to cram before tests. Students (and respective approaches to study) are not created equally. Therefore, strategies that help students focus and get the most out of study time are warranted, allowing for optimized minds and learning.

Students of older generations remember lugging book bags (along with books!), but a number of today’s high school and college classrooms leverage digital devices. This generation, more than any before, use digital means to locate information, bridging learning gaps in the process.

What applications do today’s students use to gain the most from digital experiences?


All your notes are just a couple mouse clicks away from anywhere in the world, relates an Evernote enthusiast. The application allows users a number of creation and retention advantages, keeping notes secure for immediate and future manipulation.

Evernotes robust nature makes it perfect for keeping notes in class, later using them for studying, or taking things a step further, used in creating a live, online study guide for other students to embrace and share.

iA Writer

Have you ever been completely stressed in writing a paper, wanting to focus on your thoughts rather than formatting and maintaining your document in a content management system? iA Writer gets a lot of praise for its minimalistic design and provided, stress-free user experience.

The iPad app contains no formatting features at all. When one is finished, simply cut and paste into another system, or utilize Dropbox integration for seamless retrieval across devices and platforms. Today’s student can exercise their genius in very simple ways.


Students need a healthy amount of sleep; likewise, the workforce, the students future classrooms, demands it. Exhaustion costs companies more than $60 billion a year. Along with skills used at the job, students need to develop good scheduling and overall work habits. The myHomework app serves as a virtual calendar and more.

From any device, such as smart phones, students may keep track of assignments, upcoming tests, and scheduled study sessions. Aside from learned insights, the process of time management demands attention and mastery. Now, students have a convenient weapon to use against mismanagement.

Quick Graph

Those studying science and mathematics make calculations, placing time aside for the Quick Graph application, which displays explicit and implicit equations, inequalities in two and three-dimensional formats, and Cartesian, polar, and spherical and cyndrical coordinate systems.

Impress teachers and professors with colorful graphs, easy to copy, email, or save at a students convenience. Pictures complement text, enforcing written arguments and thesis statements. Quick Graph gives students the power of graphic support.

StudyBlue Flashcards

What was your freshman-year locker combination? At first, you probably had to write it down, eventually securing it in memory. Students use flashcards to seal class insights in long-term memory, ensuring exemplary grades on future tests.

StudyBlue Flashcards take the traditional sentiment of rote-memory-facilitation, combining it with today’s digital landscape. Students may download the generated flashcards of others, getting test-score-like feedback for tracking success and study progression.