Anthony Tricoli: An Educator at Heart

Education is the key to success. This is how education is viewed and this has been found true in most circumstances. The quality of education and its utilization however are the prime determinants of success. In terms of ensuring quality, educators play an important role. Teaching can only be effective and can only facilitate learning if handled by a good educator.

When you ask children about what they want to be when they grow up, sure enough at least one of them will say that he/she wants to be a teacher. But then again, not everyone is qualified to be an educator. It doesn’t only take knowledge, but character to excel in the field of education. This profession requires a relentless search for knowledge. The best educators are not only good teachers, but eager learners. Especially in today’s fast-paced world, they need to always be abreast with current updates specifically in the subject matters they handle.

As with any profession, educators should always pursue excellence. They have to set high standards so as to encourage students to do their best. But then, standards need to be realistic and be adjusted depending on situations so that it will not be too much of a burden for students. Often, educators are looked upon as positive role models and they have to keep such reputation. It is important for them to be resilient and have the ability to deal with students from all walks of life and different backgrounds. And of course, they have to be good communicators, with strong personal and interpersonal skills. Teaching actually requires passion, dedication and a lot of patience. Effective teaching is driven by the desire to educate, impart knowledge and inspire others. A perfect example of an educator who has all these characteristics is Anthony Tricoli, the President of the Georgia Perimeter College.

With his over three decades of experience in education, he is recognized as one of the greatest transformational leaders. In fact, he has received the prestigious National Ralph S. Brown Award for shared Governance from the American Association of University Professor in Washington DC. He has held different positions in various institutions – community college teacher, director, dean, vice chancellor for academic and student affairs and president. Anthony Tricoli was a graduate from Golden West Community College in Southern California and Pepperdine University where he finished his doctoral degree. He was also an alumnus of the Georgia Perimeter College from the Graduate School of Education and Psychology.